Why swim in a river at 0°C?

There are plenty of reasons: Get out of your comfort zone, build character, discover your limits. There are plenty of justifications: Simply crazy, settling a bet, religious penitence/purification. All those might apply, however for me it was a CELEBRATION.

Me as of today

Hello everyone, I’m starting a new section of my life and I want to engage on new projects. But before jumping into anything new, I want to review where I stand and what I can tell you about myself.

The right dictionary

I just found a post on using the right dictionary and I immediately had to review its reference: You’re probably using the wrong dictionary by James Somers. I don’t regret it.

Third Post

I’ll aim at not counting mi posts for future releases of content. But for now, since this look more like biographical notes of my life I can’t find better titles for the posts.

Second Post

On my first post after blog opening, I offered to write as often as possible to record my learning and share ut. Unfortunately, even for me, it has not happened. This is the second post.

Start now

This is the first of many posts to come. I don’t now how often I will publish new information, but I make a try to write about things I have done and learned of often as possible.