Nerd Humor: English - The torture of the conqueror

On November 16th 2019, I held a short humorous speech at the Wordstock festival in Nuremberg-Germany. I never imagined getting this far, and now I only see it as the beginning.

My talk at the 18. Augsburger Linux-Infotag 2019

I have always been a Free Software fan and I’m always happy to participate in events where I meet like minded people. Linux days are a great opportunity for this. They are super fun and still hold the free software spirit about sharing your knowledge and learning from others.

American Physical Society March Meeting 2017

This March I had the opportunity to go to the American Physical Society March Meeting in New Orleans. Since everyone gets a time slot for a talk, I got my chance too.

EuroScipy 2016

Sphinx-Gallery is an amazing project, and I got to talk about it in the EuroScipy 2016. Which is great for the experience Here I embed the presentation for convenience. You can find the full screen version of the presentation at: